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NFC Modules

The Toppan Forms NFC modules have been designed to be integrated into PC's and other electric devices to access the benefits of NFC technology. Supporting all major contactless card formats such as ISO/IEC 14443 A & B (Type B support in select models only) and FeliCa. With a wide variety of form factors, and a custom design service, the Toppan Forms NFC modules have solutions to match every application. For more information please refer to the Toppan Forms NFC modules catalogue.
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NFC Dongle

With its small portable size the Toppan Forms NFC Dongle is the ideal NFC reader for portable NFC functions and PC security. Toppan Forms extends the flexibility of the NFC Dongle by supporting it with all of the NFC SDK’s for easy application development.

Software Development Kits (SDK)

To enable developers to create NFC applications efficiently, SDK's have been developed that hide low level commands and provide a high level accessible API for harnessing the full power of the Toppan Forms modules and readers. Listed below are the available Toppan Forms NFC SDK's.


Toppan Forms has developed a range of NFC Software Development Kits (SDK) to enable efficient development of applications using the Toppan Forms NFC reader range. The SDK’s are compatible with both FeliCa and MIFARE standards, so that developed applications can be cross compatible enabling developers to use cards and devices implementing either standard in the one application.

※Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit compatible, for 64-bit target systems please contact Toppan Forms.

※For Windows CE/Android target system customised versions to the OS version and hardware maybe required.

※For Android 2.3 and above systems, please use the NFC API provided by Google Inc.

※For other operating system support please contact Toppan Forms.

NFC Bluetooth Handover SDK

Toppan Forms has developed the NFC Software Development Kit (SDK) for Bluetooth Handover applications aimed at PC and mobile devices. When higher transfer speeds are required for applications that send large amounts of data like pictures, documents, etc, the NFC Bluetooth Handover SDK enables developers to build in the handover functionality using NFC for easy Bluetooth pairing with out having to take into consideration which card format (MIFARE/FeliCa) to support.

※Windows XP/Vista/7 32-bit version available
※For 64-bit and other operating system support please contact Toppan Forms

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※Toppan Forms reserves the right to change the specifications of this product without notice.